Maison Bleu - Painted on location in Tangier, Morocco. June 2012

House in Summer.  Montrose, New York Home

Painted from photo. Rye, New York Residence

Unitarian Universalist Church. Croton, New York


House Portraits make beautiful and cherished gifts. I paint both residential and commercial establishments. Although I generally prefer to visit the location personally, I can also create a painting from a photograph that you furnish. Not only can I provide you with a matted or framed piece, I can also create greeting cards as well.


I love seeing your home personally, and will visit it to take photographs if it is close to Croton, NY. However, if you do not live in the area, but would still like a lovely watercolor painting of your home, here's what you can do:

- Take photographs of the structure from several angles, both up close and far away. Provide details such as house color, shutter color, door color, etc. You can send me these photos via email or through the Posal Service.

Once this is done, I will paint, mat and frame the house portrait and ship it to you for a nominal shipping and handling fee. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, unless other arrangements have been made.


Size Price




11x14 350.00
14x18 450.00



In addition to the price of a painting, you can order a set of note cards. These work wonderfully as stationary.

                                                                5x7 Note Card Prices

50 Blank 5x7 Note Cards  125.00
100 Blank 5x7 Note Cards  200.00